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For many years, solar panel providers have been making extravagant claims about their financial benefits. Many members of the public invested heavily in solar panels, expecting them to pay for themselves in a few years thanks to lower electricity costs and substantial feed-in tariff payments from the National Grid. However, the results haven’t been quite as sunny as promised, and we’re now acting for hundreds of people who were mis-sold solar panels.

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All you need to know about solar panel mis-selling

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Were my solar panels mis-sold?

If you’re among the lucky few whose solar panels have met all the promises made by the installers, then it’s highly unlikely that your panels were mis-sold.

However, it has been estimated by sources including consumer rights group Which? that around 75% of solar panels were mis-sold, for the following reasons:

  • Promises were made that the solar panels would generate far more electricity than has actually been the case
  • Promises were made that you would receive far more generous ‘feed in tariff’ payments than has been the case
  • Promises made that your solar panels would pay for themselves in a matter of a few years have proven to be untrue

If you were misled by the company that sold and installed your solar panels and feel that their exaggerated claims have left you out of pocket, speak to an experienced solar panel mis-selling solicitor today.

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What sort of solar panel compensation can I claim?

The amount of money that you may be owed depends on a number of factors, such as the cost of your solar panel system, and the degree of disparity between the promises made by the installers and the financial reality.

However, even where the company that sold you the system is no longer trading, we may be able to start a compensation claim to recover a significant part of the money you’ve paid for the system, plus interest.

Just as importantly, where we can prove that your system was mis-sold due to misleading claims or even high-pressure sales techniques, we may be able to have any future finance payments written off on your behalf.

If you believe that your solar panel system was mis-sold for any reason, call us today on 0161 830 9632 to speak to a specialist solar panel mis-selling solicitor or contact us now and we’ll call you.

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