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Health and safety investigation solicitors

If you're undergoing a health and safety investigation it's important to seek legal advice to reduce disruption to your business. Our expert solicitors will advise you on the best course of action and support you throughout the process.

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Health and safety investigation solicitors

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Do I need a solicitor for an HSE investigation?

If there has been an accident in your workplace - or simply a report of unsafe working practices by a disgruntled employee – it’s essential to seek expert legal advice right away. That’s because the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) wields significant powers to investigate accidents and reports of unsafe working in your business.

These investigations can be disruptive and intrusive. More seriously, they can lead to a wide range of sanctions and enforcement actions, including:

  • Serving notices on Duty Holders
  • Withdrawing Operating Approvals
  • Varying licences, conditions or exemptions
  • Issuing cautions
  • Bringing civil and criminal prosecutions

From extensive experience of helping clients to manage HSE investigations, we know that taking a proactive approach from the outset can help to minimise disruption to your business activities and potentially reduce the chances of enforcement action being taken against you.

That’s why our specialist health and safety solicitors are here to advise and represent you whenever an HSE investigation becomes inevitable, providing support through all negotiations, interviews and disclosures and court hearings. Our comprehensive service also includes support in relation to:

  • Enforcement notices
  • Interviews
  • On site investigations
  • Disclosure requests
  • Representation at Inquests
  • Representation at Court

Regardless of the reason for a HSE investigation – whether an accident has occurred, or you’ve simply been reported for unsafe working practices - you should be in no doubt that it’s a very serious matter requiring urgent advice and legal representation.

Talk to one of our specialist solicitors today by calling 0330 041 5869 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to call you.

What happens during a HSE investigation?

Where a workplace injury or even a fatality has taken place, the HSE will immediately interview witnesses and conduct interviews under caution with anyone who may be responsible for health and safety in the workplace. Not every workplace accident is caused by unsafe equipment or unsafe working practices, but where breaches of Health and Safety regulations are found, criminal charges against those with a duty of care frequently follow.

Fines against businesses are now levied in direct relation to turnover; meaning that successful businesses can now face significant fines, not to mention the possibility of custodial sentences in cases where Corporate Manslaughter can be proven.

If an HSE investigation into your business is under way and you’ve been asked to attend an Interview Under Caution, it’s vital to seek advice and representation from a specialist health and safety solicitor before giving a statement.

Talk to one of our specialist HSE solicitors today by calling 0330 041 5869 or contact us and we’ll be happy to call you.

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