Driving offence

Driving offence fees

If you rely on the ability to drive in order to earn a living, you may have no choice but to defend against motoring offence charges. These examples show typical fee costs for defending our clients against road traffic prosecutions.

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How much does it cost to defend a road traffic case?

Our specialist road traffic defence solicitors are here to defend you against every driving charge, from speeding offences to dangerous driving charges.

We also have a firm belief in making our fees as reasonable and transparent as possible. While every case is different, the figures below represent typical or average fees for defending you against some of the most common traffic prosecutions in the UK.

You may also wish to discuss the specifics of your case and the possible outcomes, with a specialist solicitor before you commit to defending a prosecution. In this case, please feel free to call and speak to one of our experienced road traffic law solicitors.

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What’s the average cost of defending a motoring case?

The cost of representing you will usually depend on factors including the type of offence, whether you intend to enter a guilty plea, whether your case goes to trial and the specific circumstances of the case. However, these are our average fees for defending motorists:


  • £3,600-£6,000 trial or £1,500 for a guilty plea

Exceptional hardship application:

  • N/A trial or £2,400-£3,600 for a guilty plea

Drink driving:

  • Including drunk in charge and failure to provide a specimen: £6,000-£9,600 trial or £1,800 for a guilty plea

Drug driving:

  • Including in charge and failure to provide a specimen: £6,000-£9,600 trial or £1,800 for a guilty plea

Careless driving:

  • £3,600-£6,000 trial or £1,800 for a guilty plea

Using a mobile phone whilst driving:

  • £2,400-£6,000 trial or £1,800 for a guilty plea

Failure to furnish (provide driver ID):

  • £2,400-£6,000 trial or £1,800 for a guilty plea

Failure to stop (report accident):

  • £2,400-£6,000 trial or £1,800 for a guilty plea

Driving without insurance:

  • £2,400-£6,000 trial or £1,800 for a guilty plea


  • £2,400-£6,000 trial or £1,800 for a guilty plea

What are hourly rates for defending driving offences?

Our hourly rates range from £156 to £420, depending on the complexity of your case, the experience of the lawyer and your location. We’ll discuss all your options at the outset and also give you our best recommendation about the level of experience you may need from your defence solicitor.

What’s included in the cost of my driving defence?

We’ll quote a fixed fee for your case once we know the circumstances and that fixed fee will cover all the costs included in your case, from your initial call to instruct us all the way through to the trial or a guilty plea being entered.

How long will my driving offence case take?

This largely depends on the offence and whether you intend to enter a guilty plea or defend the charge at trial. The usual timescale for a motoring offence case from when we’re first instructed is from three to six months.  We may be able to give you a more accurate idea of timescale when we’ve more details about your case.

Are there any hidden costs in driving offence cases?

No, we make all our costs completely transparent. To ensure the smooth running of your driving offence case, we handle any necessary payments to third parties such as expert witnesses on your behalf. These payments are called ‘disbursements’ and can vary from case to case. We’ll always consult you about these costs in advance for your prior authorisation.

All prices quoted include VAT.

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