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Passing your driving test is hard and having your new licence revoked is very easy. If you pick up just six penalty points in the first two years after passing your test, your driving licence will be automatically revoked, as we explain in this short guide for new drivers.

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Are you a new driver with points on your licence?

The UK driving test is now harder to pass than ever before. Just as importantly, recent legal

changes under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995 mean that every new driver is effectively on probation for the first two years after passing their driving test.

Accumulate just six penalty points in this period – which you could easily do by being caught driving at 33mph in a 30mph zone twice – and your driving licence will be immediately revoked.

In many ways, this is worse than receiving a disqualification, as your licence won’t be automatically restored to you after six or twelve months. Instead, you will have to re-apply for a provisional licence and then sit both parts of your driving test again. This means that you’re to all intents and purposes banned from driving alone for at least nine months, even if you manage to sail through both parts of the test again at the first time of asking.

Naturally, this means that new drivers need to take exceptional care behind the wheel, and practice good driving habits that will last you a lifetime.

However, if you’re a new driver and are facing the prospect of accumulating six points, it may be worth talking to one of our experienced road traffic solicitors to see if there’s any way to avoid revocation of your licence.

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Is there any way to avoid licence revocation?

Every road traffic offence may be challenged in court, or at least mitigated against by an experienced solicitor. In the first instance, this may mean refusing to accept a fixed penalty notice that would put you on or over six points, and instead choose to defend the charge in court.

Even when there’s no possibility of avoiding a guilty verdict, we may be able to prevent a licence revocation by asking the court for a short disqualification instead. After all, being disqualified for three or six months before automatically being able to drive again is always better than having to start from scratch.

If you’re in danger of having your driving licence revoked due to accumulating six or more penalty points, you’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain by talking to one of our driving offence solicitors about your circumstances.

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