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Assault is potentially a serious criminal charge, whether it’s for Common Assault, or assault resulting in Actual Bodily Harm or Grievous Bodily Harm. Criminal convictions and custodial sentences can arise from these charges, so you need expert legal representation right away.

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Assault, ABH and GBH charges

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Can you help if I’ve been charged with assault?

The legal definition of a common assault is any situation in which you’ve put someone in fear of immediate violence. Even if you’ve simply squared up to someone following a disagreement in the street, it’s possible for assault charges to be brought against you. Altercations such as this, including those where there’s some physical contact but no injuries arise may attract a charge of common assault.

Where injuries such as cuts and bruises have been caused, you’re more likely to be charged with assault resulting in Actual Bodily Harm (ABH). If serious injuries such as broken bones or disfigurement have occurred, you may find yourself being charged with assault resulting in Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).

Being charged with assault can lead to you having a criminal record and even finding yourself facing a custodial sentence. That’s why, if you’ve been charged with assault or believe you’re about to be, it’s essential to speak to an experienced defence solicitor immediately.

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What is the best defence to an assault charge?

Our specialist assault solicitors have a wealth of experience in cases such as these and are here to mount a robust defence to any charges on your behalf. Such a defence will consider the precise circumstances of the incident concerned, but will generally involve taking into account:

  • Self-defence: Where you had been attacked or had reasonable grounds to believe that you were about to be attacked
  • Defence of another: Where you had intervened to halt or prevent an assault on someone else
  • Prevention of crime: Where you’ve been accused of assault after, for example, preventing a theft from occurring
  • Citizen’s arrest: Where you’ve witnessed someone committing an indictable offence such as attempting to burgle a house: as opposed to a misdemeanour such as littering.

Our experienced criminal defence solicitors understand how the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) look at assault cases and will always endeavour to form a case based on one of the defences above and to have charges dropped or reduced to a Police caution wherever possible.

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