If you need help with a family law issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of lawyers in London. From divorce, to children’s issues, to pre-nuptial agreements, we’ve extensive experience in all of these legal areas.

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The services we offer

Regardless of the aspect of family law you need assistance with, you can rely on us. Our lawyers are among the most skilled and trusted family law solicitors London has to offer, providing a full range of services.

You can come to us for help with any of the following issues:

Divorce and civil partnership dissolution

Legally ending a marriage or civil partnership can be a highly traumatic and confusing time. In these circumstances, it’s essential that you’ve access to the right legal advice and support. Our family lawyers in the capital are on hand to guide you through the process of getting a divorce or dissolution. Whether you need help with child arrangements, joint finances, maintenance or something else, you can trust our skilled and knowledgeable team. We’ll ensure you understand your options and enable you to achieve the best outcome.

Children’s issues

When children are involved, relationship breakdowns can be particularly emotionally fraught and tensions tend to run high. These situations can be very difficult to deal with if you don’t have suitable legal advice to draw on. If you’re looking for help, our family law solicitors in London are there for you. We’ll deal with your case with the utmost compassion and sensitivity, working with you and your family to reach a resolution that’s in the best interests of all parties. Divorces can be particularly traumatic for children, so it’s vital that their needs are prioritised. Our experts can help ensure this happens. If possible, we’ll help you to avoid the stress and expense of litigation proceedings and enable you to take advantage of a more collaborative approach such as mediation instead. Many of our team in London are members of Resolution, which aims to promote a constructive approach to the practice of family law.

Marriage and prenuptial agreements

Before entering into a marriage, you might wish to sign a pre-nuptial agreement with your partner. These contracts, which are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of their benefits, can help you to protect yourself and achieve a fair outcome if the worst should happen and you get divorced. Our lawyers will help you to draw up an agreement that both you and your other half are happy with. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use this document, but knowing it’s there just in case can give you added confidence. Also, if your marriage does break down, a pre-nuptial agreement can make the process of separating from your partner easier.

Cohabitation agreements

It’s important to realise that simply living with someone doesn’t give you the same legal rights you’d have if you were married, regardless of how long you’ve been in a relationship with them. If you want to enjoy greater legal certainty, one of the things you can do is sign a cohabitation agreement with your partner. This document sets out what you and your partner wish to happen in the event that your relationship comes to an end. It can cover everything from child arrangements to any assets you share.

Separation agreements

There are certain circumstances in which married couples split up but don’t want to or can’t get divorced. This might be for religious or cultural reasons, or because they’ve been married for less than a year and therefore don’t qualify for a divorce. Alternatively, it may be because neither party wants to petition the other for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour, adultery or desertion and therefore they have to wait for a minimum of two years in order to use this period of separation as a reason for getting a divorce. If you find yourself in a situation like this, our London solicitors can help you to draw up a separation agreement with your spouse. This document outlines what you and your ex-partner want to happen to any children you have, as well as property, money and other assets.

Wills and probate

Despite the vital role that wills play in ensuring people’s estates are passed on in accordance with their wishes after they pass away, seven in 10 adults in the UK don’t have one of these documents in place. If you want to avoid the risks associated with not drawing up a will, you can turn to our experts. We’ll help you to create a will and ensure it’s legally watertight. In addition, we can help you if you want to dispute a will.

Our other services

We provide a range of other family law services in London too, including collaborative law, domestic violence advice and family mediation. Whatever your requirements, contact our team and we’ll explain how we can help.

Why you should choose Slater and Gordon

Our family lawyers in the capital pride themselves on offering sensitive, tailored services to all of our clients. We provide honest, straightforward advice and communicate in plain language. We ensure that wherever possible our clients avoid the expense and stress of court cases. Through mediation and constructive negotiation, we help people to achieve positive outcomes that are in their interests and those of their families.

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