Medical negligence can have life-changing consequences. If a medical mistake has happened to you, our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds can help you to claim compensation. To discuss your case, and for expert advice you can rely on, please contact our highly trained team of lawyers on freephone 0808 175 8000 or contact us online.

Our medical negligence expertise

When you choose our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds to help with your compensation claim, you’ll have the benefit of decades of experience in this specialist area of the law.

Our lawyers have successfully handled a large number and wide variety of cases, from minor injuries to life-changing injuries. Not only are we specialists in medical negligence, but will ensure that the process of claiming compensation is as easy and stress-free as possible. Our clinical negligence solicitors have expertise covering the following types of case:

Hospital or A&E negligence

Accident and emergency claims are a common type of hospital-related claim that our medical negligence solicitors come across on a regular basis. The fact is, A&E departments are usually extremely busy, and hospital staff are more likely to make mistakes when they’re under-pressure. This doesn’t mean that errors are acceptable, and victims of medical negligence in A&E departments have the right to claim compensation for substandard treatment they’ve received. Examples of hospital negligence include delays in diagnosis and mistakes in the dosage or type of medication you were given.

Please contact our specialist solicitors here in Leeds on freephone 0808 175 8000 for advice you can trust about proceeding with your compensation claim.

Care home claims

Negligence in care homes can be classed as medical negligence. This is because care homes are staffed by healthcare professionals, who are held to the same standards as hospital surgeons, GPs or consultants. Mistakes can have very upsetting and serious consequences, as it usually affects vulnerable people.

If you or a family member has been affected by care home negligence, it’s important to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible. Our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds are very experienced in care home claims, so we’re the right choice to help you with a case of this kind. Please don’t hesitate to call on freephone 0808 175 8000. We know that these cases can be extremely difficult for those affected, so we’ll always go out of our way to treat you with care, respect and compassion.

Mistakes during surgery

Examples of mistakes during surgical procedures include:

  • Instruments (for example gauze or a pair of medical scissors) being left inside the patient’s body after the procedure is completed - causing pain, infection and many other serious medical problems
  • The wrong body part being operated on - for example, the wrong limb being amputated or a healthy organ being operated on
  • Insufficient health and safety practices leading to an infection
  • Excessive or unexpected scarring caused by surgery
  • A patient not being properly informed of the risks of surgery beforehand so that they can make an informed decision

In some of the worst cases our solicitors have seen, the consequences of surgical negligence have been devastating for the patient. It can lead to pain, emotional and psychological distress and an extended recovery time, which then has an effect on work, family and relationships. It can even be fatal.

If you’d like to find out about claiming compensation for a surgical mistake, please call our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds on freephone 0808 175 8000 or contact us online.

Our other services

Our Leeds solicitors can also help with other types of medical negligence claims, including:

  • Dental negligence
  • Negligence from your GP
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
  • Mistakes with medication
  • Birth injuries

Claiming compensation for a medical mistake - our No Win, No Fee service

For the majority of personal injury cases, including clinical and medical negligence, we can offer a No Win, No Fee service. This is what is formally known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, and 98% of our cases qualify for it.

If you wish to start a claim for medical negligence compensation, you can do so at no financial risk. Simply call our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds with the details of what happened and our expert team will handle every part of the process on your behalf. Unless you win your case and receive compensation, you won’t pay any legal costs.

This can be a real comfort to those who are recovering from illness or injury, especially if it was caused by medical negligence. What’s more, if you’re successful and receive compensation, this can help to ease the financial stress of medical bills, care costs, travel costs and other worries.

To find out more and to start your claim, please call our medical negligence solicitors here in Leeds on freephone 0808 175 8000 or use our online contact form to arrange a callback. We’re happy to contact you at a time that suits your schedule.

How our solicitors can help

To successfully claim compensation following a medical mistake, you need to be able to prove that:

  • The healthcare professional owed you a duty of care
  • There was a breach in this duty of care
  • The breach caused you harm

Without the expertise of a solicitor who has experience in medical negligence cases, proving the above can be very difficult. Our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds are highly skilled in this specialist area of personal injury law. They’ve secured large sums in compensation for our clients. With an in-depth understanding of clinical negligence law, we know exactly where to find the evidence to support your case.

To speak to an expert in clinical negligence, simply call the Slater and Gordon Leeds office on freephone 0808 175 8000. You can also arrange for one of our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds to call you at a convenient time to discuss your case - simply fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you.