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Our employment law experts can help with:


Pensions law can be extremely complicated, so it requires extensive specialist knowledge in order to navigate a dispute about pensions. If you need reliable information and advice about your situation, speak to our pension specialists on freephone 0808 175 8000 or contact us online. We can help with issues such as:

  • Pension pay-outs being withheld or delayed
  • No option provided to opt out of a pension scheme
  • Employers not contributing the agreed amount to an employee’s pension scheme
  • Failure to provide a legally-required pension
  • Problems with accessing workplace pensions faced by surviving relatives of a person who has passed away

Employment tribunals

If you believe that you’ve been treated unlawfully by your employer, you can bring your case to an employment tribunal. This is where a panel will decide whether or not your employment rights have been breached and a legally binding ruling will be issued. Cases heard in employment tribunals usually relate to issues such as breach of contract, discrimination, redundancy and unfair or constructive dismissal.

It’s essential to ensure that you’ve the right legal advice and representation at a tribunal. Our employment solicitors are highly trained and experienced. We’ve helped many clients with cases involving employment tribunals, so have the expertise to help you navigate the process with as little stress as possible.

For advice you can trust on employment tribunals, please get in touch. Call our expert employment specialists on freephone 0808 175 8000 or make an enquiry online.

Unfair or constructive dismissal

Our employment law solicitors also have vast experience in cases of unfair and constructive dismissal.

  • Unfair dismissal is when your statutory rights as an employee are breached. This is when an employee with at least two years’ continuous service is dismissed for a reason that’s deemed to be unfair. The process of the dismissal itself may also have been handled in an unfair way.
  • Constructive dismissal is when you feel you have no choice but to resign from your position due to your employer’s behaviour or unacceptable changes to the terms of your employment.

If you believe that one of the categories above applies to your situation, we can help. Give our employment solicitors a call on freephone 0808 175 8000 to discuss your case and we’ll advise you on whether or not you’ve a claim for unfair or constructive dismissal.

Your rights in relation to pregnancy and parental leave

Parents have legal rights when it comes employment, time off and pay. If you feel you’ve been discriminated against or treated unfairly, we can support and advise you. Our employment solicitors can help you to understand the law in relation to pregnancy and parental leave and what rights you have.

We can represent you and offer practical legal advice if you’ve been made redundant, dismissed, denied opportunities for promotion or been treated unfairly at work due to pregnancy or parental leave. Our solicitors can also help with disputes over pay.

To find out more about pregnancy and parental leave laws, and your rights in relation to these areas, please get in touch. Contact us online or call freephone on 0808 175 8000 to speak directly to one of our employment solicitors.

Other employment issues we can help with include:

  • Whistleblowing
  • Part-time or temporary employment rights
  • Sickness absence
  • Disputes over bonuses
  • Harassment or bullying at work
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Disputes over employment contracts
  • Settlement agreements

If you’ve a question about a work-related problem and you’re in need of legal advice, simply call one of our highly trained employment solicitors in Cambridge to discuss your situation. Alternatively, make an enquiry online and we’ll give you a call.

How our employment experts can help

Employment disputes can be extremely difficult to face on your own. You may be worried about losing your job and paying the bills, and simply don’t have the facts on your legal rights as an employee. In these circumstances, you need an expert in employment law to take the reins - and this is where our employment solicitors can be an invaluable resource.

Our dedicated lawyers will provide you with practical, reliable legal advice about your case. They’ll explain your legal rights and talk you through your options, advising on the best route to take to secure a positive outcome. They can also represent you and handle all paperwork and proceedings on your behalf. Our aim is to resolve your issue quickly with as little stress and disruption for you as possible.

Regardless of the issue you’re facing call us on freephone 0808 175 8000 for tailored advice. You can also use our online contact form to make an enquiry and we’ll call you back whenever it’s convenient for you.