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Our highly trained solicitors here in Birmingham have extensive experience in every aspect of employment law and have a reputation for excellence in this field. If you believe you’ve been treated unfairly at work, Slater and Gordon Lawyers are ready to fight your corner.

Our areas of expertise include:

Employment contracts

If you’ve encountered a problem with your employment contract our employment lawyers in Birmingham offer an expert service to help you negotiate new terms or represent you in a dispute with your employer. If you’re starting a new job, trust a Slater and Gordon solicitor to check over your contract and explain in plain English the terms and conditions of the job offer. We can also draft new clauses relating to pay, bonus schemes, holiday allowance, flexible working and many other issues, as well as guaranteeing that your contract is legally sound.

Redundancy and settlement agreements

If you’ve been made redundant or are facing the risk of redundancy, you can seek legal assistance from Slater and Gordon Birmingham. We can advise you on:

  • Your employment rights
  • Proper procedure and whether your employer has followed it
  • Fair redundancy selection - has there been a proper consultation and have you been treated fairly by your employer?
  • Business transfers - including the special rules that may protect your employment if your business unit has merged or been transferred to another company.

Our industry-leading employment solicitors can also help you to seek compensation if you’re entitled to it, as well as negotiating a compromise or settlement agreement with your employer. We can help you get a better termination package or severance deal, which could be essential if you’re facing redundancy. Call our Birmingham Cornwall Street office on 0121 233 8300 to discuss your circumstances.

Unfair dismissal

An employer has every right to dismiss an employee, but only for a substantial reason. Examples of fair reasons for dismissal include problems with the quality of your work, attendance, time-keeping or negligence. The job may not exist anymore, or the employer may not find it possible to employ you anymore - for example, if the work premises is destroyed in a fire and no one can be employed.

However, there are also unfair reasons to dismiss someone, and this is when an employee can pursue legal action against their employer. These reasons include:

  • Discrimination
  • Asking for flexible working hours
  • Joining a trade or workers union
  • Taking time off for jury duty
  • Applying for maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or taking your entitled leave
  • Refusing to give up your working time rights - for example, taking a rest break that you’re legally entitled to.

Your employer must also follow the company’s formal disciplinary and dismissal policies and procedures, which may include providing a written warning, final written warning, formal dismissal and appeals process.

If you believe you’ve been dismissed unfairly, please contact a Slater and Gordon employment lawyer in Birmingham for immediate assistance. We’ll take all of the relevant details and advise you on whether or not you have a case. Call our Birmingham office on 0121 233 8300 or contact us online.

Constructive dismissal

If you’re forced to leave your job because of your employer’s behaviour or a serious unreasonable change in your working conditions, this is called constructive dismissal. Examples of this conduct include:

  • Imposing unacceptable changes to how you work - for example, requiring you to work night shifts when your employment contract is only for daytime shifts
  • Failing to take appropriate and immediate action if another employee is bullying or harassing you in the workplace
  • Failing to pay you
  • Demoting you for no good reason.

This type of conduct represents a breach of contract on the part of the employer, for which you may be able to pursue a claim of constructive dismissal. If it isn’t possible to resolve the dispute with your employer, it’s important to seek expert legal assistance. Contact the Slater and Gordon team here in Birmingham to speak to an employment law specialist, who can advise you on the next step to take.


If you expose wrongdoing in the workplace and your employer dismisses you because of it, this is another example of unfair dismissal. The law protects whistleblowers when you report criminal offences such as fraud, or a health and safety risk that could put another person or people in danger. You can also report miscarriages of justice, risk of damage to the environment or the covering up of wrongdoing.

You shouldn’t lose your job or be treated unfairly for whistleblowing. If you have, seek immediate help from the specialist employment law team at Slater and Gordon in Birmingham.

Other employment services

Whatever your situation, our experienced team of employment solicitors can help. In addition to the issues already mentioned, we also deal with cases involving:

  • Pension law
  • Professional negligence
  • Holiday pay issues
  • Part-time, agency and temp workers
  • Professional discipline
  • Equal pay disputes
  • Senior executive issues
  • Data protection and privacy at work.

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