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Our areas of expertise

Slater and Gordon’s divorce lawyers in Birmingham are experienced in handling all aspects of divorce. We can deal with:

Situations involving children

Children’s issues can be among the most complex and sensitive aspects of any divorce. Who children will live with, child arrangements and who will financially support children are all matters that need to be decided. However, these issues can be very tough to reach agreement on. A highly skilled family law solicitor is essential when it comes to sensitive negotiation, child safeguarding and upholding children’s rights - all at a time which is already highly charged emotionally.

Financial affairs

The job of a divorce solicitor when it comes to finances is to delicately untangle years of shared finances, from savings and pension pots to debts, mortgage and bill payments, investments and many other issues. Without a specialist in divorce law on your team, you could find these issues impossible to resolve. The situation can drag on for months or even years, causing stress, anxiety and further acrimony between the separating couple. The right divorce solicitor can help you to resolve these issues fairly, efficiently and quickly, offering expert advice on when to negotiate, when to compromise and the best ways to receive what you’re entitled to.

Dissolution of civil partnerships

As well as divorce, our solicitors have ample experience in handling civil partnership dissolution, helping to resolve disputes over children, finances and other associated issues.

Property disputes

Whether a large asset such as a residential property or something smaller but just as important like a piece of furniture that has sentimental value or is a family heirloom, a divorce solicitor can help you to come to an agreement with your ex-partner over who’s entitled to what following the separation. To ensure that you get your fair share of property or other assets, make sure you’ve a divorce specialist on your side to fight your case and handle the negotiations.

The division of business assets

If a married couple owns a business together, it’ll need to be decided how the business will operate and who’ll own it after the separation. An experienced solicitor can help with the division of assets, the restructuring of the company and arranging all the necessary paperwork. This kind of case can be complicated, but the right solicitor can make it much smoother and simpler for all parties, as well as minimising the stress and costs involved.

How the divorce process works

Understanding divorce and how it works in the eyes of law is essential for anyone starting the process or considering it. In order to get divorced in the UK, it must be proven that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. This can be cited through one of five reasons, which include:

  • Adultery - where one spouse has had a sexual relationship with another person of the opposite sex outside of the marriage
  • Desertion - where one spouse leaves the family home and their partner without their agreement and without good reason for more than two years of the last two and a half years
  • Unreasonable behavior - examples include excessive drug or alcohol use, gambling or something else that means it’s become intolerable for a person to continue to live with their spouse
  • Separation for at least two years (where both parties agree to the divorce)
  • Separation for at least five years (only one party has to agree).

Divorce can be broken down into three key stages. The first is the application, where one person petitions their spouse for divorce. A couple cannot apply jointly for divorce. Once the petition is filed, the other person has a set period of time in which to respond. They can either agree and the divorce will go ahead, or disagree and defend the divorce, which may involve going to court.

The next stage is to apply for a decree nisi, which can be done if the divorce isn’t being defended or a court hearing has been held and an outcome decided. The decree nisi says that the marriage will end on a decided date unless a good reason why a couple shouldn’t be divorced is presented. If no reason is given, a couple will be granted a decree absolute which legally ends the marriage.

Breaking through the legal jargon

Many people who go through the divorce process have no experience of the legal system, so much of the terminology used will be new to them. At Slater and Gordon Lawyers, we aim to cut through this jargon to explain things clearly, honestly and in straightforward language. We can also advise you on the terms and phrases you’re likely to encounter during the divorce process, so you know exactly what to expect at every stage.

Helping you through a difficult time

Our divorce solicitors here in Birmingham have extensive experience in divorce cases, so they know just how difficult it can be to go through a separation. When you choose Slater and Gordon to handle your divorce case, you can expect sensitivity, compassion and above all, expert legal advice you can trust.

Our goal is to guide you through the divorce process with as little distress as possible, and to resolve your case quickly, efficiently and to your satisfaction. You can be confident that our Birmingham divorce specialists always have your best interests at heart. They’re fighting your corner to secure you the best possible settlement and the best resolution for your family.

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