Slater and Gordon Lawyers have issued legal proceedings against the pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor of Thalidomide.

Final Call for Thalidomide Compensation Claims - Deadline 13 March 2015

If you were born between 1958 & 1964 with a physical abnormality or condition that may have been caused by Thalidomide, and your mother lived in the UK in the early stages of her pregnancy, please call Slater and Gordon for a free consultation on freephone 0800 916 9015 or contact us online.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are dealing with Thalidomide compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

In 2013, approx. £50 million compensation was paid to just over 100 Australians damaged by Thalidomide; all of these victims were represented by Slater and Gordon Lawyers Australia.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK are currently fighting to secure compensation for victims of Thalidomide in the UK, who suffered life-changing and severe physical abnormalities.

UK Thalidomide survivors have never been compensated leaving the victims, many unable to work and to care for themselves, and dependent on family members over the last 50 years.  

There are approximately 460 recognised Thalidomide survivors still living in the UK today. However, many other Thalidomide victims were either denied compensation because their injuries did not fit medical preconceptions about ‘typical’ Thalidomide damage, or because they had no proof their mothers took the drug.

The controversial pill was used to treat morning sickness in pregnant women, which caused a range of life-changing severe physical abnormalities in their babies. 

Thalidomide was developed by German company Grünenthal, and was sold worldwide in the 1950s & 1960s. Despite being marketed as a safe and “non-toxic” drug, very little research and testing into the drug’s side-effects was undertaken.

Furthermore, the manufacturer failed to test whether the drug was safe to use at all during pregnancy, even though the drug knowingly caused other serious side-effects, such as peripheral neuritis. 

By the time the Thalidomide drug was pulled from the market in late 1961, more than 10,000 babies worldwide had been born with a range of disabilities with only around half surviving. Thalidomide babies often suffered missing or malformed limbs, shortening of arms and legs or damaged eyes, ears, genitals, heart, kidneys and digestive tract. 

Slater and Gordon’s Group Litigation action in the UK marks the latest in a long running global legal battle between Thalidomide victims and Grünenthal and Diageo (Distillers).

A Spanish Court ordered Grünenthal to pay compensation to 22 Spaniards born with disabilities as a result of the drug.

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Thalidomide Compensation UK Case Update

Group Litigation Lawyer Fraser Whitehead reports:

“Grunenthal and Distillers have always claimed that the Thalidomide disaster was an unavoidable tragedy and that they did everything expected of drug companies at the time. Our research has demonstrated that is nonsense.”

“It is time those responsible are finally held to account for the mistakes of the past. Grunenthal, in particular, has done little to make good the immense damage that Thalidomide has caused, and it has to accept responsibility for those people affected by Thalidomide in the UK."