When we buy a product in all good faith we expect that it will work and that it will not have an adverse effect on our health. Sometimes this is not the case and companies fail to protect their customers and sell products which are not fit for purpose or indeed a risk to our health. Our team of lawyers can help those people who have been affected as a result of a faulty or dangerous product. If you have an issue please call 0808 175 8000 or contact us online. 

Product liability covers a range of different things from faulty cars to dangerous medical drugs and products. Whilst the impact of these issues can be wide ranging the fact that people have brought or been advised to use them; and they are either dangerous or not as they would have expected means people should be able to seek redress.

General Product Liability

Faulty products cause thousands of injuries and sometimes worse each year. There are laws which protect people such as the Consumer Protection Act which works to prevent this but in some cases organisations fall short. Our aim is to bring those organisations to account and seek damages for those affected whether this be in our recent cases with VW and the emissions scandal or those individuals affected by products which have caused health issues or injuries such as the faulty McLaren buggies.

Medical Product Liability

In some cases there are drugs and medical products which have been used which have caused serious injuries to those who have been advised to use them. This could be the use of drugs which had side effects or even medical products which were proven to be dangerous. We have dealt with medical cases from the historical use of Thalidomide to the De-Puy metal on metal Hips which proved to be dangerous to those who have had them implanted as well as PIP breast implants.

Why do this through a group litigation or class action?

In some cases bringing claims individually would not be a possible as the cost of each case would preclude people from seeking damages. Working as a collective in a group action not only means there is strength in numbers but also means that your case can be dealt with more cost effectively which could maximise your damages.

No Win No Fee

We are keen to allow all people access to justice when they have been affected by a faulty product , so where the circumstances allow, we will seek to act on a ‘no win no fee’ agreement. This means that members of the group will not need to pay upfront for our services and will only need pay us if the claim is successful. We also have access to after the event insurance policies, which mean that any risk of being liable for the defendant’s costs is insured against should the claim not succeed.

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