Group litigation

Mercedes-Benz emissions scandal

We’re investigating claims on behalf of Mercedes vehicle owners that the car giant installed cheating software into their vehicles engines which was designed to defeat pollution test.

If you’ve purchased one of the affected diesel vehicle you could be eligible to join our group action on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis and claim compensation from Mercedes. You may be able to claim thousands in compensation.

For more information about the Mercedes claim visit

Mercedes-Benz emissions scandal

What do I need to do to see if I'm eligible to claim against Mercedes?

You may be eligible to join the Mercedes-Benz claim, if your vehicle is manufactured by Mercedes and:

  • has a diesel engine
  • was made between 2008 and 2018
  • was acquired by way of lease or outright purchase, either new or second hand

If your vehicle may be affected and you’d like us to investigate your potential claim for compensation please complete the form on this page.

What happens next?

Once you’ve let us know that you’d like us to investigate your potential claim against Mercedes for compensation by completing the form on this page, we’ll keep you updated on our progress. We’ll invite you to become a client of Slater and Gordon if we consider there’s a valid claim to pursue.

For more information visit our Mercedes emissions claim FAQs

Mercedes-Benz emissions scandal FAQs

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