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Q: Which DePuy device was used in the UK and has been recalled?
A: The DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System was used in the UK and has been recalled. It is a total hip replacement system that replaces the femoral head of the femur and the surface of the acetabulum.

Q: When would the surgeries involving the recalled DePuy artificial hips have occurred?
A: DePuy began manufacturing the ASR hip system in 2003 and surgeries using the device began then. The product was not recalled until 2010. Many of our clients had ASR devices implanted in 2010.

Q: If my DePuy ASR device is failing, what symptoms would I have?
A: Symptoms include severe pain, swelling near the implant site, difficulty walking, dislocation of the hip, fracture of the bone near the implant site, skin rash, fatigue, limping, crunching or popping noises and tissue inflammation. In addition, the DePuy ASR hip implant uses metal-on-metal surfaces, which can chisel off chromium and cobalt debris due to excessive friction. This metallic debris enters the bloodstream and causes metallosis. Metallosis is an autoimmune response to the presence of heavy metals in the blood. Metallosis is extremely dangerous – it destroys bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Chromium and cobalt in the blood have also been linked to leukaemia and other cancers, kidney failure, heart irregularities and chromosomal damage.

Q: Will I need to have another hip replacement surgery?
A: Based on our work with a former DePuy senior product engineer, chances are in excess of 90% that all patients with a DePuy ASR hip implant will require a revision surgery to remove and replace the defective ASR hip implant. Your doctor will determine if and when a revision surgery is necessary.

Q: How many patients will be affected by the recall?
A: According to DePuy, 93,000 worldwide patients were implanted with a now-recalled DePuy ASR hip implant.

Q: I’ve contacted DePuy and they say they will pay all medical expenses. Do I still need a DePuy hip implant solicitor?
A: YES! You need a lawyer with experience in handling claims against DePuy. DePuy says they will cover “reasonable and customary costs of monitoring and treatment”. However, DePuy will not pay for pain and suffering associated with revision surgery, lost wages, medical complications that may be associated with revision surgery or any permanent physical incapacity. This is where we can assist and ensure you receive full compensation.

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