If you’ve suffered from sepsis and you believe a medical mistake was made during your diagnosis or treatment, our sepsis negligence solicitors can help.

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What is sepsis?

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition which affects around 150,000 people a year according to the UK Sepsis Trust. The condition occurs when the body responds to an infection, with the immune system overreacting and effectively going into ‘overdrive’. As for the effect this can have on the patient, it can cause inflammation in many different parts of the body - damaging organs and tissues.

Sepsis can be caused by many different infections, including lung, bladder, kidney or gallbladder infections, as well as appendicitis and peritonitis. Symptoms typically include high temperatures, chills and shivering, fast breathing and a fast heartbeat. Sepsis can affect both children and adults, and can be very dangerous for young children and babies.

If not spotted and treated early, sepsis can cause extensive damage to the body. It can even be fatal.

Who can make a sepsis negligence claim?

If you suspect or know that any of the following took place during medical treatment, leading to a diagnosis and treatment of sepsis, you may be able to claim compensation:

  • Your condition was misdiagnosed - where your GP or specialist doctor believed you had a different condition and began treating it, leaving the sepsis to worsen
  • It took a long time to diagnose sepsis - you may have been kept waiting in a hospital or other medical facility
  • The proper tests to diagnose sepsis weren’t carried out
  • You were given the wrong medication for sepsis, so treatment wasn’t as effective as it should have been

In cases of sepsis, it’s extremely important to act fast. The UK Sepsis Trust says that patients have a dramatically increased rate of survival (around 80%) if sepsis is correctly diagnosed and treated within an hour of the first signs and symptoms being detected. If there were any delays or problems with diagnosing sepsis in your case, you could have a claim for compensation.

If any of the above is applicable to your situation, or you aren’t sure whether or not you can claim for sepsis negligence compensation, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Use our freephone line 0808 175 8000 or our online contact form to get in touch.

You can also claim on behalf of a loved one, including those who’ve been left with a disability or have passed away as a result of the medical condition.

How do I make a claim for sepsis negligence compensation?

The first step in all medical or clinical negligence cases is to get in touch with a legal professional, as soon as possible. You need sound legal advice you can rely on, from a sepsis negligence claims specialist. Call Slater and Gordon Lawyers on freephone 0808 175 8000 and simply tell us what happened. We may ask about:

  • When and where the incident took place
  • What your symptoms were
  • When the first signs of sepsis appeared, and how long afterwards you were diagnosed and treated by a doctor or medical professional
  • What diagnostic tests were carried out
  • What pain, suffering, complications or injuries you experienced as a result of what happened
  • What aftercare you received (if any)

Using this information, our solicitors can offer initial advice on whether you have a claim and how much compensation you could expect to receive if you win your case. We’ll also advise on what to do next, before starting work on your case if you decide to go ahead.

Why choose us?

Clinical negligence cases can sometimes be difficult to prove, as a court needs to be sure that a mistake or oversight on behalf of medical staff or a facility caused or failed to prevent what happened to you. It’s necessary to prove that the error led to a worsening of sepsis in the patient.

This is why you need an experienced, specialist legal professional working for you. Slater and Gordon Lawyers are personal injury specialists, and we have expert solicitors on hand who have extensive experience in clinical negligence.

Our sepsis negligence claims team can put your case together to help prove that you’ve experienced medical negligence. In many cases, this involves making a record of noticeable or obvious signs of sepsis that a medical professional should have seen. Our team will check if the proper tests and procedures were carried out, as well as investigating whether your patient records were properly kept in order to prove that another GP or medical professional in the same position and at the same level of skill and experience would’ve quickly identified and started to treat the condition.

What are No Win, No Fee sepsis negligence claims?

When you’re recovering from a condition as serious as sepsis, the last thing you need is to have to worry about legal costs when you’re starting a claim for compensation. Slater and Gordon Lawyers aims to eliminate financial worries of this kind by handling the majority (98%) of our personal injury and clinical negligence cases on a No Win, No Fee basis.

As the name suggests, this means that unless you win your case, you won’t pay any legal fees. All you need to do is focus on getting better, while our sepsis negligence claims team work tirelessly to win the compensation you deserve.

To find out if your case can be handled on a No Win, No Fee basis and for transparent, straightforward information about legal fees if you win your claim, please get in touch with our solicitors.

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