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Pressure sores or ulcers can develop where a patient’s skin is in contact with the bed for a long period of time. Plaster sores can also form where a plaster is put on incorrectly after a fracture. The risk is higher when a patient is elderly, ill, immobile or diabetic and their skin is in poor condition.

Pressure sores can be very serious. They can be painful and take a long time to heal and some do not heal at all. They can lead to infection and can restrict the ability to walk or move.

Preventing Pressure Sores

All patients admitted to hospital should be assessed on admission to hospital under the Waterlow system. The higher their Waterlow score, the greater the risk of pressure sores. Nurses should prevent pressure sores developing by providing an appropriate bed and making sure patients move; and if necessary are turned from time to time. If this was not done because of hospital, care home or nursing errors; you may be entitled to compensation for pressure sores.

Preventing Plaster Sores

Plaster sores should not occur if plaster casts are applied correctly. If you have complained of an area of pain under the plaster, the plaster should be removed so that the area can be checked for sores or ulcers. 

Our Approach to Pressure Sore Claims

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have recovered large amounts of compensation for people who developed pressure sores or plaster sores as a result of medical mistakes or nursing errors. We represented the Simper family, whose husband/father died due to care home negligence. For more details see the BBC coverage on Mr Simper's case.

Our Pressure / Plaster Sore Cases include:

  • Failure to carry out an adequate assessment
  • Failure to prevent pressure sores by providing an adequate bed or providing proper nursing care
  • Putting on bandages too tight
  • Putting on plaster too tight

For people who have developed a disability because of pressure sores or plaster sores, compensation is very important for their quality of life providing:

  • Private medical treatments, avoiding NHS delays 
  • Nursing care at home
  • Help with housework
  • Money to compensate for lost earnings.

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