Even the best run businesses have disputes. It may be with suppliers, or with customers, your banks or advisers and sometimes with employees.

At Slater and Gordon we specialise in resolving business disputes and in the most sensible way; whether through straight talking, negotiation or mediation. But if that dispute still turns to litigation, we have the experience and expertise to follow it though.

Our focus is always to achieve the best result for you. 

We believe that resolving disputes is not just about the legal principles. It’s also very much about your personal and commercial aims.

Our advice will be clear and practical. We will explain the options available and help you devise the best strategy.

We prefer to resolve matters without having to go to court as the cost of litigating can be significant, but if you really cannot avoid that we will work out your best funding option and aim to resolve your dispute with the minimum of risk, quickly and cost effectively.

Our lawyers’ areas of expertise include: