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A prime cause of the financial crisis was the willingness of lending institutions to make large loans against over-valued property. In that environment mortgage fraud became more common with innocent people being fooled by sophisticated fraudsters to unwittingly assist in criminal activity.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers secured the acquittal of a Solicitor charged with knowingly obtaining mortgages based on false valuations in a fraud case where the principal fraudster and a leading valuer pleaded guilty. This was the largest mortgage fraud prosecuted in the UK at the time and involved leading banks such as the Nationwide, Coventry and Bank of Ireland. 

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  • Responding to dawn raids and on-going inquiries
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  • Liaising with investigators and making representations on your behalf
  • Obtaining defence evidence and case preparation
  • Developing and advancing legal arguments

Call our Mortgage Fraud Solicitors on freephone 0808 175 7722 or contact us online.

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