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Our International Business Crime Lawyers represent business individuals involved in extradition proceedings with U.S. & EU Authorities.

The Extradition Act 2003 has led to a significant increase in foreign law enforcement agencies requesting the extradition of senior business executives from the UK. The provisions of the Act, and in particular the European Arrest Warrant, have had a real impact on the ability of British citizens to challenge claims brought by EU requesting states.

At the same time the United States has increasingly looked to extend its international reach and now routinely seeks the extradition of suspects for a range of offences that go far beyond the stated aim of combating global terror.

The business community is particularly at risk from this initiative as demonstrated by recent high profile cases such as the Nat West 3, McKinnon and Christopher Tappin.

Over the past few years we have successfully represented individuals in numerous high profile extradition proceedings involving the United States and European authorities.

Our Extradition Lawyers Can Assist with:

  • Providing legal advice to individuals facing extradition
  • Challenging extradition requests through the English Courts
  • Securing assistance from Lawyers based in the requesting state with challenges to the legality of the original extradition warrant.

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Extradition occurs where two countries have entered into a formal arrangement to assist one another by one state surrendering an individual accused or convicted of criminal activity to the other (requesting) state.

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