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Restraint Orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 are now routinely obtained by prosecutors in fraud and other criminal investigations, at a very early stage of an investigation, often after arrest and before any charges are brought.

The Restraint Order freezes a person’s assets and wholly restricts their ability to deal or dispose of them during the course of a criminal investigation and/or proceedings.

A Restraint Order is usually obtained by a prosecutor on an ex parte basis (i.e. without notice) to preserve assets with a view to future confiscation proceeding in the event of a conviction. Generally this will involve the freezing of all a person’s assets, whether under their control or not, with a small allowance permitted for living expenses.

The impact of a Restraint Order on an individual and third parties affected by such an order can be overwhelming and may also require that person to give a detailed disclosure of their worldwide assets within a short period of time.

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