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Advice and support was brilliant.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

“Elizabeth was great from the very beginning of the process, to the very end – her support was invaluable, very professional but also caring and very personable. Just want to thank her personally as it was a time of need and her advice and support was brilliant.”

Mr M, Manchester

Approachable and always respectful

Tuesday 17th March 2020

“I am a case manager specialising in brain injury and catastrophic injuries. I have been working with Andrew for 2 years. Andrew is one of the best solicitors I have ever worked with. His down to earth approach results in him gaining a rapport with all his clients and their families. Andrew is skilled at working with complex challenging clients. I have seen him breaking bad news to clients, but his approach is gentle and supportive resulting in the client continuing to engage. I have observed Andrew explaining tricky legal information to a severely brain injured client, he explained it so carefully that enabled them to understand it. He also checked back with them to ensure they understood, then followed up with a detailed simple explanation via email.   Andrew is approachable and always respects the therapy team's knowledge. The best thing about working with Andrew is that he trusts me as case manager to manage the rehabilitation and he focuses on the legal case. He is always available to offer support and guidance from a litigation perspective for the therapy team. All members of the MDT enjoy working with Andrew, as he is always jovial and dependable. When making tough/challenging decisions he remains calm and controlled. Andrew has a good knowledge of brain injury and medical conditions, he understands clients' difficulties and the challenges they face living with a disability. Andrew cares about his clients and their families.  Andrew has time for his clients and gains their trust. He always delivers what he promises. He is proactive and responsive, quickly replying to their phone calls and emails. I have recommended Andrew to my colleagues. ”

Brain injury case manager

Meticulous and Determined

Monday 16th March 2020

“The most meticulous and determined to achieve success for his clients’ cause solicitor I know. The one I’d recommend to friends in need.”

Professional, a gentleman and a hopeful source of inspiration

Monday 16th March 2020

“Professional, a gentleman and a hopeful source of inspiration for everyone to be better every day. Compared to other companies, this team is at the level of an elite police/military corps (and) is always ahead due to your efficiency and professional knowledge”

Mr J

Constant contact from day one

Monday 9th March 2020

“On 30/10/15 just over 4 years ago my life almost ended, and as a result has been dramatically changed buy a Road Traffic Accident, that wasn't my fault. The first few years I don't really remember, but my wife had been in constant contact with Slater Gordon from almost day one, receiving not just legal advice but practical advice as well. When confronted with a life changing situation, you don't need sympathy or hassle, you and your family find themselves living on a knife edge, with emotions all over the place and involved in things you have no idea about. What you do need however is a professional, knowledgeable yet empathetic approach to the situation, which is exactly the service my family and I have received from Amber Braybrooke and Patrick Maguire of Slater Gordon London.”

Mr A