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Susan Swan Solicitor, Criminal Defence

Susan Swan

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I wholeheartedly & with the upmost confidence can say that Sue is not short from actually being an amazing individual!
In short Sue has guided me thoroughly, remained totally calm, confident & more than anything else down to earth & honest, not at all being frightened to share the truth with you even though it may sound hurtful or even damming at times.


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“Thank you for all you’ve done during this ordeal. It means more than I could express.”


“I also just want to register my thanks to you for all of your hard work over the last ten months. Your calm advice and guidance was incredibly helpful and I really appreciated how responsive you were throughout the process. While I hope to never be in a position to need to do so, I would have no hesitation in recommending you.”


“I am very grateful for all your support and advice throughout, particularly the honest and open opinion around severity level.Once again thank you. I will always recommend yourself if any colleague requires legal support! You were brilliant.”


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