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Julie Morris Head of Core Services, General Law

Julie Morris

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I wanted to thank you once again for all your wise help and support. I particularly remember one late evening when you were redrafting important statements for me at or around midnight! I could not have got through this without you.

Finance Director

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“I want to thank you for all your guidance and advice, making this settlement process so much less stressful. It's been a pleasure working alongside you.”

Senior Executive, Advertising

“Finally, I wanted to personally thank you for all your help in this process. Having someone as responsive as you and whose advice I could trust gave me great confidence in my negotiations. Knowing how far I could go in my statements was invaluable in this situation and allowed me to deliver my arguments with full force. I am very pleased with the outcome.”

Trader, London

“I wanted to share with you how straightforward my experience has been working with Julie. She is sharp and focused and lovely! Knowing she was handling the conversation with my company gave me the confidence to come to work every day and just get on with it; it has really been quite empowering. Julie is brilliant! Thanks so much to you and your firm and especially Julie - I am so appreciative!”

Ms Martino

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