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Neha Thethi Solicitor, Employment

Neha Thethi

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I had been struggling to get an amicable conclusion to my business for months and months, and getting nowhere fast. Within days of contacting Slater and Gordon, the situation changed, people began talking to each other again and everyone started looking for a resolution that suited all parties. Neha let me explain what I wanted and she gave best advice of how to attain that. She gave me such encouragement and hope in a time where I felt despair. A lot of people said I was foolish contacting and paying a solicitor, but for me it was the best money that I have ever spent. This is very pertinent, especially as to the successful outcome to my case.

Guy Argent, Cornwall

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“Given an unfeasibly short deadline in which to complete my settlement agreement, Neha managed my case with amazing speed, efficiency and calm, which assured me that I'd made the right choice of legal representation.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Neha Thethi, she was very informative at a stressful time for myself. She listened to everything I had to say and put my mind at ease. Great company and should I require her services in the future, I will be contacting Neha.”

Mrs F

“Neha has recently acted on my behalf providing guidance and advice whilst I agree on a settlement agreement with my employer. Neha has been extremely thorough and very quick to respond. I am grateful for her help during what has been a difficult process for me.”

Mrs R, London

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