Viewing Testimonials From January 2015

Tuesday 13th January 2015

“You saved me from having to have any dealings directly with the defendant's insurance company. I would recommend Slater and Gordon Lawyers.”

West, Hampshire

Thursday 8th January 2015

“Marsha was fantastic throughout my settlement agreement process. She was a great listener, happy to answer any questions, replied promptly to my emails and made sure that I fully understood everything. All in all she eliminated the worry at very stressful time and I can't recommend her enough.”

Settlement Agreement Client, London

Experienced Solicitor

Tuesday 6th January 2015

“James is an experienced solicitor who's both strong in negotiation and in giving the client advice which meets their needs. He really tries to find a solution, so we have been very happy with him.  He listens to the context and adapts his advice accordingly, and unpacks legal concepts and explains them in layman's terms.  He is also immersed in unfair dismissal issues, which meant he understood where I was coming from and what my issues were.”

Mr Shah, Cardiff

Monday 5th January 2015

“I cannot express how grateful I am to Alison at Slater and Gordon. My year has been horrendous...Alison supported me throughout the claim process in my opinion above and beyond! Thank you very very much. Professional, caring, easy to understand due to the support given. I never felt rushed and Slater and Gordon staff always gave me time. I would recommend Slater and Gordon to anyone, especially Alison.”

Shippey, Scunthorpe

Monday 5th January 2015

“I was kept well informed regarding progress, strategy, and rationale.”

Smith, Norfolk