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Fraser Whitehead Head of Business and Specialised Litigation Services

Fraser Whitehead

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I feel that our case was handled with immense skill and passion by Fraser Whitehead and his team, my family and I are in their debt!

For any of you out there who are thinking of going down the legal route I cannot believe you will find a better Barrister than Richard Edward, as with Slater and Gordon his commitment was beyond the call.

Parker, London

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“Fraser Whitehead and the team a Slater and Gordon secured me a very pleasing result in my case encouraging me to fight on long after I felt I had got all I could and I was very pleased with the outcome and their determination which enabled me to put my plans back on track. Fraser's diligence and skilled negotiation has yielded a great result, a significant material improvement to me and my family's life has resulted. I commend the team at Slater and Gordon wholeheartedly.”

Chris Messer

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