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I would have lost [my son] for good if you didn't show your support and fought for us both. I will never ever forget what you did and I will tell him all about how you came to our rescue when we needed you. You are fantastic at your job and one in a million. I wish you every success, and happiness, you deserve it. You were there for [us] when everyone turned their backs on us and found our battle too difficult. We are together today because you fought for us… I could have lost [my son] but because of your efforts, hard work, intelligence and dedication you saw us through it.

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“Clear, pragmatic and supportive advice; a reasoned, measured approach ensured all was resolved favourably. Always available and quick turnaround at all times.  At a time of leaving a career and dealing with illness, Harriet’s empathy and expert support were much valued. I would absolutely recommend Slater and Gordon.”

Ms R, London

“I felt assured from my initial conversation with Nazia that she had the passion and desire to support my case, helping me to challenge the inequality, unfair treatment and bullying I had encountered for many months. Had it not been for Nazia's competence, influencing skills and resilience, I could potentially have walked away with only ill health and financial hardship for my family. I would like to pass on my sincere gratitude and thanks to Nazia and hope that she receives the recognition deserved.”

Anonymous, Liverpool

“Sarah Jane navigated me through a very complex and acrimonious separation. She helped me understand the legal complexities of my case and conveyed them to me in an extremely clear and concise manner. It was her legal expertise and guidance that helped me get to a resolution. All whilst being tremendously compassionate and understanding of my situation. I am so grateful to her for all of her help. ”

Ms A, London

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