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I would have lost [my son] for good if you didn't show your support and fought for us both. I will never ever forget what you did and I will tell him all about how you came to our rescue when we needed you. You are fantastic at your job and one in a million. I wish you every success, and happiness, you deserve it. You were there for [us] when everyone turned their backs on us and found our battle too difficult. We are together today because you fought for us… I could have lost [my son] but because of your efforts, hard work, intelligence and dedication you saw us through it.

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“Thank you for your clear help and support during my recent experience. I felt that I was in good hands and your calm approach was always reassuring.”

Senior Academic

“David Hodge has provided a great service for me when I left my previous employer. He provided supportive, sensible and focused advice at the start of the process when I was unsure of my options. He negotiated an excellent severance package for me, holding out for the right deal and built effective bridges with the other side to ensure matters were conducted cordially. I would recommend David to others in similar situations.”

Helen, Birmingham

“The advice that I was given by Slater and Gordon was exactly as I expected. Professional, understanding and specific. My needs as a woman with a young family were understood and appreciated. Remziye Ozcan is a true professional, who gave me sound advice and ensured that my employer treated me fairly. Highly recommended service.”

Anonymous, London

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