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Jenny Goodall Legal Executive

Jenny Goodall

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Jenny Goodall guided me through the claims process with great care and support. The process was made very clear and at each steps events occurred either exactly as described or sooner. Jenny was extremely good at managing my expectations as to what the process would deliver and what was required of me. Her careful guidance made a huge difference to both my understanding of the process and how best to ensure my injuries were properly assessed.


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“I felt that the service I received from Slater and Gordon was first class, never had any worries that my case wouldn't be handled in a professional manner.”

Peel, Essex

“Brilliant service, kept me informed, able to speak when  I called. Would return calls, everything confirming in writing.”

Else, Sheffield

“You saved me from having to have any dealings directly with the defendant's insurance company. I would recommend Slater and Gordon Lawyers.”

West, Hampshire

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