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Sarah Thompson Principal Lawyer, Family Law

Sarah Thompson

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Thank you for your expertise and it has given me much confidence going forward.

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“I have been impressed from the outset by the professionalism, commitment and especially the patience shown by my solicitor Sarah Thompson. She has kept me informed throughout and always dealt promptly with any queries raised in what has, at times, been a stressful matter.”

Holt, West York

“First of all can you please accept my thanks for making this stressful period of time for me relatively painless. It is due to your professionalism and no nonsense advice that has enabled me to agree terms. Once again thank you Sarah for your work and I would have no hesitation in recommending you in the future.”

“This excellent book looks to be an invaluable resource for families who need help and guidance when they are contemplating marriage or relationship breakdown. This is an area that usually fills one with dread and confusion at a time when there is upheaval and strong emotions so to have a ‘guidebook’ through the different aspects will help families to tread the right path for them. The book is clearly and simply written with chapters dedicated to each step along the way and how to understand what the rights and processes are. With a strong emphasis on how to protect the children and make sure that they are considered is the most important aspect of this book should be an extremely useful tool in how to make sure that the impact on them is lessened. The chapters are clearly defined so it is easy to refer back to specific issues and most chapters have a concise summary at the end as a useful reference tool. The language is such that those who are intimidated and baffled by ‘legalese’ are able to understand in plain English the various aspects, even the more complicated aspects should things end up having to be decided in Court. It covers common misconceptions – such as ‘Custody’ issues which have changed over recent years making it easy to understand what ‘rights’ parents have whether married or not. It is certainly something that we would recommend to any families that come to us for support that are going through any part of this process.”

Reviewed by: Clare Scherer, Assistant Director of the Children’s Fund, The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund.

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