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Simon Cuthbert Solicitor, Employment

Simon Cuthbert

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I want to be more specific about Simon Cuthbert of Slater and Gordon Lawyers as he deserves full acknowledgment and praise for his work. I had contact with him on various occasions by letter and also on the ‘phone where he answered the ‘phone himself to talk personally to me on each and every occasion. I didn’t ever have to wait in a queue or leave a message for him to ring me back. I have clearly and cleanly won my case as a direct result of Simon’s instructions, advice and ability to write a good letter and beautifully present my evidential paperwork in a folder with tabs, bringing it to a quick conclusion after only a few weeks of his employment on this matter.

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“I felt assured from my initial conversation with Nazia that she had the passion and desire to support my case, helping me to challenge the inequality, unfair treatment and bullying I had encountered for many months. Had it not been for Nazia's competence, influencing skills and resilience, I could potentially have walked away with only ill health and financial hardship for my family. I would like to pass on my sincere gratitude and thanks to Nazia and hope that she receives the recognition deserved.”

Anonymous, Liverpool

“Sarah Jane navigated me through a very complex and acrimonious separation. She helped me understand the legal complexities of my case and conveyed them to me in an extremely clear and concise manner. It was her legal expertise and guidance that helped me get to a resolution. All whilst being tremendously compassionate and understanding of my situation. I am so grateful to her for all of her help. ”

Ms A, London

“I was impressed, from the outset, by David’s subject matter knowledge, expertise and professional manner. He explained, in clear and concise terms, the facts of the matter, the options open to me, and the balance of risk likely to be associated with each potential course of action.  David is clearly an accomplished negotiator. Because of his evident knowledge and skills, I had the confidence and trust in him to ‘hold my ground’ when negotiations were at an advanced, and tense, stage.”

CEO, Cambridge

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