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I am writing you to express my satisfaction with Sarah Evans.

I did weeks of research. Slater and Gordon repeatedly came up in my google searches as being the best in employment law and also had excellent customer reviews. I was not necessarily looking for the "best" law firm as much as I was looking for an experienced solicitor, and one I could trust.  I had a brief initial call with Sarah, and she stood out.  I felt I could trust Sarah. I was right. 

Sarah was patient, ethical, and empathic. Her writing was strong and direct and she was able to summarise my case accurately: she just 'got it' without me needing to amend the letters or further clarify etc. Sarah spoke with me, understood my position and case, and conveyed the information accurately on my behalf. I couldn't have been more pleased with Sarah and our outcome. 

At a difficult time, I had Sarah Evans and Slater and Gordon behind me. I would recommend Sarah and Slater and Gordon without hesitation.

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“When I chose Marsha to be my solicitor it was because of her professional reputation. I expected her to excel professionally and she exceeded my expectations. What I did not expect however was the personal approach, particularly her empathy, understanding and kindness. Her advice not only considered the legal implications and options but also how various courses of action might impact on my family. Marsha’s advice and guidance have been invaluable to me and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Police Superintendent, South of England

“Victoria's involvement took the stress out of this for me. I was updated regularly which was a comfort too. Easy, calm, professional, documents were clear to understand, updated regularly, speedy conclusion when finalised.”

Mr H, Lancashire

“The whole experience with my employer has made me feel very let down, insignificant and small on the company’s part. I am grateful however that I chose Slater & Gordon to represent me and I do not regret that decision. I have felt protected and guided every step of the way.”

Anonymous, London

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