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Alan Samuels Associate, Criminal Defence

Alan Samuels

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Alan Samuels was very professional and kind at all times. I felt very well supported by him and had confidence in him. Alan was extremely supportive, honest and professional. He was kind and assertive and I felt he had my best interests at a time when I felt vulnerable.

Ms Dean

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“Alan Samuels was professional, supportive and determined. Without this attitude, I would not have succeeded in my case. For this, I am very grateful.”

“It is very comforting to be represented by someone who is knowledgeable in his field. Absolutely first class!”

“It was exceptional service and definitely I can recommend your prestigious company to my friends. Thank you so much. Alan Samuels did an outstanding job on my behalf. Alan Samuels was supportive and assisted me all the way.”

Ms Holmes

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