About the Fund

The Slater and Gordon Health Projects & Research Fund is a philanthropic grants initiative focused on improvement of care and treatment for people with asbestos related illnesses, occupation caused cancers or with significant disability.

Slater and Gordon will provide $1 million AUD for projects in Australia and £500,000 in the UK by 2020. It will build on Slater and Gordon’s existing philanthropic efforts including the Asbestos Research Fund and the Community Fund into which the firm and staff contribute.

For more information click to download our Health and Research Fund information leaflet.

Our Commitment to Social Justice

For nearly 85 years, Slater and Gordon has worked for social and economic justice in the community. We are committed to preventing illness and injury from occurring and, where this is not possible, advocating for the best possible care and treatment for those affected. This broad approach to advocacy has put us at the forefront of positive change in the community.

The Slater and Gordon Health Projects & Research Fund reflects a continued commitment to working with health professionals, health, rehabilitation and research organisations and the community to improve the lives of others.

Increasing our Philanthropic Efforts

The Slater and Gordon Asbestos Research Fund was established in Australia 2004 and has provided more than $1.4 million towards education, medical research and projects to improve treatment. The work of the Asbestos Research Fund will continue as part of this new Fund.

The Slater and Gordon Community Fund has for a number of years provided grants for projects that address inequality and disadvantage in our community.

Given the positive outcomes of the Asbestos Research Fund and of our staff giving program through the Community Fund, the Board of Slater and Gordon decided to increase our philanthropic efforts and broaden our focus in both Australia and in the UK to other areas by creating the Slater and Gordon Health Projects & Research Fund.

Eligible Projects

Annually, the Fund will consider applications from not-for-profit health, rehabilitation and allied health organisations, and research bodies in the UK and Australia. Projects involving partnerships with other philanthropic organisations will be welcomed.

Funding for research and practical projects that have a benefit for sufferers of asbestos related diseases, occupation caused cancers or significant disability will be given highest priority. Projects eligible to be considered may also be aimed at prevention or support education initiatives and information sharing amongst medical and other health professionals with the aim of improving care and support.

The Fund will also consider grants throughout the year for furthering the education of individual health professionals.

Organisations that apply should:

  • Share the Fund’s goal of improving the quality of life, treatment and support for people with asbestos related diseases, occupation caused cancers, or significant disability.
  • Have income tax charity status and tax deductible Gift Recipient status endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office, or be a registered charity recognised by the Charity Commission in the UK.
  • Have operational experience of at least 24 months, a track record of project delivery and sound governance practices. Exceptional cases, such as a new organisation with a project proposal of high merit may be considered after discussion with the grant applicant.
  • Operate on a not-for-profit basis for the benefit of the community.

Individual applicants

Small grants including will be available to support the continuing education of health professionals seeking to enhance their expertise. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to excellence and innovation in caring for and treating patients in areas prioritised by the Fund.

Funding Amounts

The minimum sum for a grant will be £500 and the maximum grant will generally be £12,500. Larger grants will be considered for projects that exhibit particular merit. Typically larger grants would involve projects that may result in relatively higher ongoing benefits for the community, in particular people who are terminally ill or significantly disabled.

Small grants, will also be available to support the continuing education of health professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in areas relevant to the priorities of the Fund. Applicants should demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in caring for and treating patients.

The Assessment & Application Process

Interested applicants should register their interest via the researchfund@slatergordon.co.uk email address. Applications generally open in June each year. However, in 2016 the application round will commence in October. Guidelines and application forms will be distributed to interested applicants after the 21st October 2016 by email. The closing date this year will be 16th December 2016.

To receive information or to speak to a Slater and Gordon representative about grant application processes and fund priorities email researchfund@slatergordon.co.uk providing your contact details.

Time Frames

Slater and Gordon will be consulting stakeholders in February and March about priorities for the Fund. Application forms together with guidelines for making applications will follow. If you are interested in making an application, please register your interest by emailing researchfund@slatergordon.co.uk and provide us with your contact details and we will send you an application package after the consultation period.


An Advisory Committee supported by a Secretariat will consider and recommend priorities and individual projects for funding.

The Secretariat will consult health professionals annually and seek expert advice on behalf of the Advisory Committee on the merits and potential benefits of projects as needed.

The Fund will be held independently in Australia by the Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) and by the London Community Foundation (LCF) in the UK. Donations will be accepted and will be tax deductible. More information about the ACF can be found by visiting www.communityfoundation.org.au

More information about the LCF can be found by visiting www.londoncf.org.uk

Contact Details

To be included on our mailing list please contact:

Slater and Gordon Health Projects & Research Fund Secretariat.
C/O Slater and Gordon (UK) LLP
50-52 Chancery Lane,

Email: researchfund@slatergordon.co.uk

Call freephone 0800 916 9076 or 0207 657 1617