On 16th January 2013 the Tiguentourine Gas Facility based in In Amenas and run as a joint venture between BP, Statoil and Sonatrach, came under violent attack. The facility on this occasion housed 600-800 employees of which approximately 145 were foreign nationals.

As terrorists entered the facility they seized foreign nationals as hostages in what was to become a horrific 4 day siege, culminating in catastrophic loss and injury. Sadly 37 of the site’s foreign national employees lost their lives during the attack. Many others suffered both physical and psychological injuries. International press coverage suggests that those responsible for the attack were a faction of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

We have been instructed by a number of survivors together with families of the victims, the majority of whom were on site in their capacity as BPs ‘extended family’, to begin to establish the circumstances surrounding the attack. Despite the passage of time since the attack, little information remains available to those whose lives have been so substantially affected.

Whilst Statoil has announced an Investigation, BP do not appear to have replicated this movement. The lack of information and indeed contact received from BP by the group, both during the attack and subsequently, gives rise for concern. With the hope of any information coming from the Inquests likely to be prolonged through to 2014, it is our intention to determine key information and provide answers to the many justified questions of our clients. Should it transpire that there were failures, those responsible will be held to account (compensation).

It has been an extremely difficult time for each individual affected by this tragedy, compounded by the lack of available information as to even the most basic detail of what occurred. In addition some families of the victims still await the return of their loved one’s personal belongings. We are at the early stages of our work, seeking to ask questions collectively on behalf of our clients in the coming weeks.

Who We are Helping

We currently represent 37 individuals living in the UK and abroad. We hope to further assist our counterparts representing other individuals living abroad in their enquiries. If you have been directly affected by this incident or are representing individuals that have been affected, please contact either TSterling@SlaterGordon.co.uk or AThompson@SlaterGordon.co.uk

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